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Zombicide previews Team Actions

Zombicide made it through another stretch goal. Yay!
They've also posted up a preview of the new Team Actions you can do in the new set.

Team Actions


From the update:

One of the exciting new features of Zombicide Season 3: Rue Morgue is the introduction of teams into the game, allowing for some interesting new strategies. Let's learn a little more about how that works.

Teams can be used in any game, just assign the same number of Survivors to anything between 1 and 4 teams. Each team then chooses 2 Team Action cards that they will be able to use throughout the game.

Once per round, a single Survivor from each team can use one his team's Team Action cards during his activation. He selects the Team Action he'll use and which of his teammates will join him in executing it. Of course, all selected teammates must be appropriately positioned and equipped in order to be able to execute all aspects of the selected Team Action. Finally, he selects a Zone to be either the origin or the target of the Team Action, and then the Team Action is executed. GO! GO! GO!

Each of the selected teammates executes the Team Action for free, one straight after the other, in whatever order the team chooses. Each Survivor's action must be fully resolved before the next designated Survivor can take his action. Once the Team Action has been resolved, the Survivor who used it can resume his activation normally.

These are the three Team Actions introduced in Season 3, and they can each be used in two distinct ways: either to perform the Team Action originating from the selected Zone and targeting any other Zones, or perform the Team Action originating from any Zones and targeting the selected Zone.