Zombicide breaks through $240k

By Polar_Bear
In Board Games
May 1st, 2012

Zombicide made it through the $240k mark, but still had 4 days to go! So as enticement, they put up something they know you’re gonna want. How about Chuck Norris? Eh?

From the update:

“Eagle” Chaz – A true American Hero! If we hit this stretch, all Abomination and above level pledges get him free! “Eagle” will ship at the same time as the Zombie Promo Survivors (ETA Q2 2013, might be sooner, you never know with the “Eagle”). 1 Eagle per boxed game.

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  • maroonldr

    Mother. Of. God. Chuck Norris in 28mm? I don’t see how I can avoid supporting this now. . . .

  • I pledged! Won’t you pledge? Chuck Norris wants you to pledge. No one says no to Chuck Norris. Mostly because he gives them a roundhouse kick to the jaw before they can get it out.

  • maroonldr

    Does anyone know what material the figures are going to be? If they can be painted then it’s totally worth it. If not I don’t think prying away $100 from the wife mere weeks after our twins were born is going to be worth it.

    • WyvernX86

      CoolMiniOrNot has said that the minis are made from a hard plastic, not the soft rubbery kind. I think these will paint up nicely and buying a fully painted set is even one of the high priced pledge levels.

      From the project comments page:

      CoolMiniOrNot about 9 hours ago

      @William Same material as Dust Tactics, Warmachine etc. Closer to Dust Tactics on the spectrum of hardness (i.e. not as hard as Warmachine) but essentially the same plastic, which holds both detail and primer well if you choose to paint it.

  • Ghost


  • The club are ganging in to put in a big pledge.

    But don’t forget to plan for; VAT + import tax + a charge for charging you the other two. Not all parcels get hit for tax but it might be a surprise if you were only expecting to pay $100. I guess Europe has spoiled us.

    • WyvernX86

      True. CoolMini did chime in that the shipment would be marked as a gift so hopefully that helps.

      CoolMiniOrNot about 1 hour ago

      Just to confirm for everyone outside the USA. Since your pledge rewards are rewards and not strictly speaking pre-orders, they will be marked as gifts. We’ll also put them down for a reasonable manufacturing cost, so as to minimize your customs impact.

      • Gifts only work up to £36 in value and I would not lie to Customs and Excise, they do nasty things to you.

        • WyvernX86

          Who said anything about lying?