Zombicide breaks $350k mark

By Polar_Bear
In Board Games
May 3rd, 2012

Zombicide has broken through the $350k mark. That means not only did they unlock “The Eagle,” but also “Zombie The Eagle!”

From the update:

Achieved! Zombie “Eagle” – Say it ain’t so! “Eagle” can’t be beaten! Except, perhaps, by the massive Kickstarter hordes! If we hit this stretch, Zombie “Eagle” is free for all Abomination level and above pledges. 1 Zombie “Eagle” per boxed game. Ships together with “Eagle”.

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  • CaulynDarr

    Where’s the love for Ogre: Designers Edition? They just hit $450,000.

    • Bellygrub

      Zombicide did send an email around to it’s backers tossing some love to Ogre if that helps.

  • keltheos

    Not to be a wanker (well, a little), but I find it a little self-serving that a CMON product is getting all sorts of ‘OMG look at this’ press on a CMON-owned news site…

    I mean where were the almost-constant updates about this other Zombie-themed game Zpocalypse, also on Kickstarter, and that hit 250k before it closed out last week?


    Just sayin’. It’s a little transparent.

    • Did Zpocalypse send TGN e-mail updates?

      Cause we have been, and they’ve always gotten posted.

      • keltheos

        My understanding was that TGN went looking for news, not waiting for it to come to them (that’s TMP’s gig – wait for “press releases”). One reason I’ve preferred it to TMP for a long time.

        • TGN has sometimes caught stuff from us without needing to send a PR, but it seems to usually require one. TMP is also ‘Only press releases from Advertisers’ :/

          Tabletop Fix is pretty good about grabbing every little bit of news out there.

          • Polar_Bear

            Most of our posts come from News submissions (by that, I mean about 90-95%). But we do surf the web for things that aren’t submitted. There are many companies that post stuff on Facebook or RSS news feeds that we watch and we try to get them on here as well.

            So it’s not just stuff they send us. It’s projects we watch and are interested in as well.

            It’s impossible to say we’re 100% unbiased, because we’re human. We find stuff we like and post possibly more about it. If I play games from company X, Y, and Z, personally, and I’m visiting those websites more often, I’ll see their news items more often, and thus, they’ll get posted more often.
            But if someone submits a news item that fits our criteria, we post it, no matter what. Our criteria are pretty lenient, too. Basically, if it’s a company posting news, we post it here.
            So yes, there is some bias, again, because we’re human. It’s just the way things are. We do post up whatever we get in (well, almost all of it. Some doesn’t fit our criteria), though.

  • keltheos

    I ran the “Kickstarter” tag and found that between 4/6 (when both Zombiecide and Zpocalypse kickstarters were posted as TGN news items) and today:

    Zpocalypse had 1 total entry (no mention of hitting 250K or that it had closed).
    Zombicide has 8 to date (and it hasn’t closed yet).

    And running a search for the term “zpocalypse” nets me that one kickstarter tag entry, while running a search for “Zombicide” nets me 10 entries including a video posting.

    Just sayin’.

    • Bellygrub

      Maybe cause zpocolypse did t break 250. They hit 210k.

      Just sayin.

      • keltheos

        Wow, thanks. Sorry. You’re right 210K is not newsworthy at all…sort of missed the point there.

        • Bellygrub

          No I got your point (even if you seem to have a thing for the false amount) but it’s ridiculous. Blackwater Gulch got plenty of coverage here when it was running on kick starter and that’s not a cmon backed game.

  • keltheos

    That’s where it gets a bit odd. Blackwater Gulch has 4 total Kickstarter tagged entries (stretching back two weeks further than these two Zgames in the tags). It has other news items, but they’re not KS-specific. Some predate them starting their KS completely.

    All good, just an observation. 😉

  • Darsc Zacal

    Well, I became aware of Zombicide through Warseer, not through TGN. I’ve found CMoN to be pretty even handed in covering other manufacturers products since they took over here. Even when Zac was running TGN, some games and some newstories got missed.

  • Everyone has to remember that news gets posted here thanks to submissions.

    If company X doesn’t submit news while a little known company Y does, it would appear that company Y gets more news stories- and what appears to be the case in these posts, company Y might be in cahoots with CMON, when in fact, they are just submitting more news stories.

    CMON is lucky enough to support TGN so they can “submit” news whenever they like more readily than other companies.