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Zombicide: Black Plague over $2mil

The number of people looking to fight against the zombie hordes in Zombicide: Black Plague keep rising. They have made it past the $2mil. mark on the Kickstarter campaign. To celebrate, they wanted to something big... very big. Horrendously, grotesquely, hugely big. That something is... the Ablobination.


The Ablobination is a ravenous killer. Able to make attacks not just in their own space, or a single space away, but multiple spaces, the potential to clear out groups of Survivors is immense. There's nowhere to hide if the Ablobination gets you in its sights.

Along with breaking the $2mil. mark, they've also added in new add-ons to the campaign. You can get some new red dice for your game.

red custom

Plus, there's a new guest box add-on available. Karl Kopinski is once again creating a set of four Survivors you can add to your potential pool.

Karl Kopinski

Lots of people have been giving the new set a try here at CMON Expo 2015. If you're in the area, it'd be great to see you here.