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Zombicide Black Plague Now Available

The zombies are invading! The zombies are invading!
Zombicide Black Plague is now available online and at local retailers near you. This new set takes Zombicide in a whole new direction by putting it in a whole different place and time. Gone are the modern shopping centers and hospitals. Now you get peasant huts and dark, brooding vaults. This isn't your old Zombicide, it's Ye Olde Zombicide.

This time, it's not some strange virus causing the zombie hordes. Evil Necromancers walk the land, bringing with them the undead menace. You and your fellow heroes must put an end to their nefarious schemes, lest you find yourselves up to your armpits in zombies. Trade in your Glock for a magic crossbow. Trade in your chainsaw for a flaming sword. Trade out your Molotov Cocktail for a Fireball spell. It's time to hunt some zombies.