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Zombicide: Black Plague Expansions Now Available

The Kickstarter campaign for Zombicide: Black Plague had a lot of Kickstarter-exclusive expansions and add-ons for it. But that's not to say that all of it was Kickstarter-exclusive. Several of those expansions were slated for regular retail release. And, as you know, I always love to see that sort of thing happen. And that's just what is happening with Hero Box 1, Zombie Bosses, and the Paul Bonner Special Guest Artist box.

The Zombie Bosses box gives you three new Abominations that can end up on your game board. With new Abominations, you're going to need more heroes. Good thing there's two different ways to get more onto your table. The Hero Box 1 and the Paul Bonner Special Guest Box each give you a supply of new characters with which you can take on the zombie hordes and their Necromancer overlords.