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Zinedoms (Issue 2) Now Available - from The Kyngdoms

The Kyngdoms has posted up issue 2 of their magazine, The Zinedoms (I'm surprised they don't spell it Zynedoms, but anyway...), up online for your reading pleasure.

In this issue:

The Kyngdoms has released the second of their monthly e-zine, the Zinedoms, an online magazine all about The Kyngdoms fantasy setting and includes new articles, as well as collecting together those released over the past month. In the future, we will also be including short stories set in The Kyngdoms (our first will be released in next month's issue!).

This month's issue is all about the city of Blackfen. Over the last 4 weeks we have released a number of articles detailing the city, which is situated right on the border with The Fallen Lands, a land ravished by war and plague. Each week has brought additional information and insight into the city, so it seemed only right that we should dedicate this month's issue of the Zinedoms to it.