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Zev Shlasinger to Head WizKids Games' Board Game Section

Well, in a way, this is creating one of those "supergroup" pairings that we've been seeing a lot of lately. Zev Shlasinger has taken up the position of head of WizKids Games' Board Game Section. For those that don't recognize the name Zev Shlasinger, he's the guy that put the "Z" in Z-Man Games. He created the company and led it until he sold the company in 2011. Well, he's still got plenty of gaming ideas to go around, and that's what he'll be bringing to WizKids.


Justin Ziran, president of WizKids said of Zev joining up, “We’re excited to have Zev join the WizKids team. I’ve known Zev for years and always had my eye on him for a position with the company. Zev’s track record of success and his entrepreneurial spirit make him a natural fit with the team and we look forward to expanding our innovative board game offerings in new and unique ways.”

Zev has gone on record as saying, “I plan to continue to bring original and unique ideas to market with the help of the WizKids team. They are very serious about building a board game business and are not afraid of good, fun, original ideas. In addition, WizKids has an amazing portfolio of licensed properties to enhance their board game presence in the industry. I think our combined qualities make a formidable team.”

It'll be interesting to see what sort of games this new partnership creates.