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ZeroBlood Games release free Dead Heroic fantasy rules

Dead HeroicZeroBlood Games is a new rules developer which have released a free fantasy rule set called Dead Heroic. From their announcement:
Just wanted to inform you that after numerous combined decades of tabletop gaming, my mates and I have taken our Fantasy enthusiasm to the next level.  We have banded together to start ZeroBlood Games, and are working steadily on our first tabletop gaming project. Dead Heroic will be our primary product, and it is a free one, at that. Our goal is to give gamers like ourselves a free ruleset like none other available.  We are focusing on very small skirmish style battles that have a much different pace and tactical approach than many of the games on the market. Additionally, Dead Heroic is a generic fantasy setting that is meant to be extremely affordable.  This means free rules, free updates and additional content, and very few dollars spent on gear for the game. Any 28mm fantasy miniatures can be used...we are hoping gamers already have models in their collection that they can start up with. Currently we are posting rules summaries on our blog, but a free downloadable PDF will be available with everything needed for play-testing. We would love if you gave our little project a look: