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Zenit Miniatures September Releases

Zenit Miniatures has announces their September Releases

From their announcement:

NR07B - Royal Guard - 12€

The Royal Guard is the pride of God's Kingdom, and the hardest troop you can deploy in the battlefield. With its resistance 10 and the skill to shield themselves they are real bastions who can bear the charges of the enemy´s hardest troops .Also with the skill Disciplined you can give them two orders each turn, with the tactical advantage that it implies.

NH07B- Scorpions - 11€

The Scorpions are the ideal troop to destroy hordes of enemy troops, since their Boomerangs of range 40 and Power 4, together with the skill Boomerang of themselves can make a small group of scorpions to cause a big number of impacts if enemies are close to each other. Also their skill Concealed allows them not to be easy targets once positioned, waiting for their enemies to be into their range of fire.