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Zenit Miniatures Running Kensei Kickstarter

Zenit Miniatures has had Kensei available for a while, but many people haven't really given it much of a look or feel like they've had access to it. Well, perhaps a Kickstarter campaign can help out. This campaign looks to fund a rulebook that's got updated rules, including warmachines that you can add to your forces.

From the campaign:

It is our pleasure to present to you our new crodfunding for the Zenit Miniatures’ Kensei new printed rulebook and a new range of war machines to play. The rulebook will be printed in English as well as Spanish.

In this Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign we will create a new range of war machines for the game of kensei and we will get funds to print our new rulebook.

All the miniatures showed in the campaign will be used in Kensei Miniature Wargame and Torii skirmish game, but they could also be used in roleplaying games, other wargames or for artistic painting.

All the miniatures from this campaign are 32mm and will be made in high quality metal. All the scenography is made in high quality resin.

The campaign's around 2x funded with still 13 days left to go.