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Zenit Miniatures Posts Up Latest Kensei Releases

Zenit Miniatures has their latest releases for Kensei now available over in their webshop. This month, the namesake of the game makes its way to your tabletop. You can pick up a Kensei for Kensei. Also available are the Kuge Clan Hero, Teppo Sohei unit of gunners, and the Daisho Samurai. Bring honor to your armies with these new miniatures.

From the announcement:

Kensei - Kensei
Ref. KB029 – Precio – Price : 8,50€

Kuge Clan Hero – Héroe de Clan Kuge
Ref: KB030– Precio – Price: 8,50€

Daisho Samurai – Samurai Daisho
Ref. KB031 – Precio – Price : 8,50€

Teppo Sohei – Sohei con Teppo
Ref. KC016 – Precio – Price : 19,95€