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Zenit Miniatures Launches Kensei Undead Kickstarter

Zenit Miniatures Launches Kensei Undead Kickstarter

Halloween may be over. Thanksgiving might be come and gone. But that doesn’t mean the undead menace is to be ignored. That’s right, warriors of old have begun rising from their graves and forming back up into ranks to invade the world of Kensei. Will you fight against them, or will you lead them into battle?

The main core set that Zenit is funding with the campaign includes:
1 Daisho Samurai
5 Jikininki
10 Undead Katana Samurai
10 Yari Ashigaru
5 Onryo
10 Doro-Ta-Bo
5 Okuri-Inu
10 Undead Yumi Samurai

… I have to admit, I don’t exactly know what a lot of that means, offhand. But the minis look cool.

The campaign is already over their funding goal, so it’s on to stretch goals for the next 20 days.