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Zenit Miniatures launches Emissary Program

Zenit Miniatures is looking for a few, good gamers. Join up for their Emissary program.


From the announcement:

The emissary program allows every Nemesis and Kensei player to participate in its development and evolution. How? It is very simple, as an emissary you will be able to do:

-Tutorials: You can introduce new players to the world of Nemesis and Kensei with small tutorial games, teaching the basic game mechanics and sharing your enthusiasm for the game and its background.

-Meet-ups: With these you can expand the hobby in many ways. For example, you can show other players painting and crafting tips or discuss the background.

-Tactic discussion: Through them you can learn about rules and army builds with other players: pros and cons of certain units, how to use creatures during the game, strategies for different builds and clans...

-Tournaments: You can make tournaments to motivate players in your area. Do not forget that the goal is to have fun, encourage fair play and meeting more players.

The main objective of every emissary is to have fun and share his hobby with more players. Zenit Miniatures has established a reward system for emissaries to encourage them.

If you are interested in joining our emissary team just send a mail to

Greetings from the Zenit Miniatures team. Go for it!