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Zenit Miniatures June 2011 releases

LionmenZenit Miniatures have posted details of their June 2011 releases for the Nemesis fantasy skirmish game. From their website:
After the break from the last month, we are back and strong with our new products for June, the bomb hound, a storm troop of the Notalive army and one of the deadliest elite troops of the army of the cult of the thousand faces, the Lion Men. The downloadable version of our book of rules, markers and the full Nemesis catalog are available in our web. Bombhound  Price 12€ The Notalive army's bombhound are a hard facing enemy, not because of their strength 3, but because of their movement and because if they are killed they will explode with an impact of 5 to all of them who are at 5 cm distance, what can make the other dogs to explode creating a devastating chain reaction.   Lionmen Price 13,95€  The Lion Men are the storm troop of the Cult, embodying all the fury of the beasts that accompany them. Their attack factor of 2 makes them able to put down troops that outnumber them or cause multiple impacts against enemy creatures, they are so fanatic that they won't run away from the battlefield even if they are loosing.