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Zenit Miniatures Acquires Rights For Last Saga

In yet another installment of "that game's over here now," Zenit Miniatures has acquired the commercial rights to Last Saga, the sci-fi miniatures game by Rocket Games. Rocket Games will continue with creative development of the miniatures range and of the game, but it's going to be available from Zenit Miniatures.

For those that hadn't been following the situation, Rocket Games was having quite a bit of difficulty with the previous company that they had been using to make the miniatures. Well, that partnership has finally basically expired and now Zenit Miniatures will be creating the figures as well as fulfilling the Kickstarter campaign. In all of this, basically Rocket Games will be absorbed into Zenit Miniatures as a gaming company. This will add to Zenit's games Nemesis and Kensei.