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Zed or Alive Kickstarter Update: New goals unlocked and added

Rust Devil Games keeps on keepin'-on over on Kickstarter. They've unlocked another stretch goal and have added on yet another.


From the update:

Two new pieces of news for tonight, both awesome! We've unlocked the South America setting pack, which joins the ever-growing roster of additional settings available for ZoA!

The bigger story is that we're happy to announce that we've added another stretch goal to the lineup! If we hit the $6,500 mark, backers of Headhunter level or higher will be able to purchase a printed, softcover Setting Pack compilation by adding to their existing pledge. We will post additional details regarding the specifics if/when we reach that goal. We understand that printing out a PDF makes some options less enticing for backers, so we are taking steps to mitigate that and other issues through additional backer rewards. The compilation will also feature an exclusive new group type: Bounty Hunters! These sell-swords are ruthless, underhanded agents of wasteland law, hunting down fugitives from civilized strongholds, be they murderers or simply those who have outstanding debts at the gambling halls.

Please let us know what you think of the new stretch goals or if you have any suggestions for further ones here or in the main KS comments!