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Zed or Alive headed to Kickstarter

Rust Devil Games has been working hard and now their game, Zed or Alive, is just about ready to head to Kickstarter.


From the update:

The folks here at Rust Devil Games are proud to announce that our first game is nearing completion and the Kickstarter campaign is coming soon! While we can't release specific dates yet, that announcement is not far off.

Zed or Alive is a miniature wargame rulebook and setting for use with Savage Worlds: Showdown! The goal of this game is to put a high quality, inexpensive rule set in the hands of players that allows them to play campaigns as various denizens of a post-zombie-apocalyptic world. We are using the award-winning Savage Worlds: Showdown! system, which is perfect for us due to the fast, furious, and fun game play, as well as the extensive RPG back-end available to draw upon for setting rules such as injuries, experience, falling, and so on. This, combined with some custom-designed and truly fun mechanics that we have integrated make Zed or Alive a blast to play and very close to how you see zombie fights going down in popular media.

In Zed or Alive: The Zombie Miniatures Game, players choose to either start one of several human group types or they can opt to develop their own Virus Strain. Human groups range from standard Survivors, Military units, or even outlandish and savage Tribals. These groups will often clash with each other in various Confrontation types, all the while fending off a plague of Shambler zombies. Additionally, players may choose to go on solo or co-op Confrontations if they do not enjoy head to head competitive play.

While ZoA can definitely be played as a one-off game, the fun really starts when you jump into a campaign with your friends. As human players go from game to game, they will gain experience and level up characters, add new group members, scavenge loot to barter, sell, or even combine into custom-made gear with the new Jury-Rigging rules! Powerful groups can even get their hands on a vehicle and attempt to get it running, giving themselves a huge advantage both in battle and between games. Virus Strain players, unlike human ones, do not control a specific group of individuals, but instead control mutant “Aberrant” zombies during gameplay, able to become part of any scenario and throw a wrench in the works. Instead of gaining experience, Virus Strains gain Evolution Points with which to buy mutations for their Shamblers, different Aberrant types, or their Virus Strain as a whole.

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