Z4Miniatures 28mm Battlesuit released

Z4Miniatures have released their 28mm sci-fi Battlesuit figure. FrontShot.jpg From their announcement:
At long last, it is finally here. Z4Miniatures is proud to announce (finally) the release of the Type-25E Battlesuit "Bouncer". This miniature is poseable with ball-joints in the shoulders, hips and ankles, and comes with a random mix of arms and legs (extended, half-flexed, fully-flexed) Following some feedback on the initial pre-release version, some small changes have been made to the suit which I am sure everyone will appreciate. There is now more chest detail with the addition of a chest plate, and the blank spine and waist areas have been up-detailed as well. Releases are as below (RRP in brackets):
  • SF00001 - Battlesuit w/ Assault Rifle (53mm tall, 11 parts, metal) 1 miniature £10.00 (RRP: £11.00)
  • SF00002 – Battlesuit w/ Recoilless Rifles (53mm tall, 12 parts, metal) 1 miniature £10.00 (RRP: £11.00)
  • SF10001 – Battlesuit Squad (3x Battlesuit) 3 miniatures £29.00 (RRP: £11.00)
When ordering SF10001, please specify the preferred mix of weapons, or it will default to 2xAssault Rifle and 1x Recoilless Rifle(pair). Release offer As a special release offer, single battlesuits will be sold at a discounted price of £10.00 while the squads are at a discounted price of £29.00. This offer is valid until the 30th April 2010. Shipping Notice This is a note to say that I will refund all excess postage paid (minus Packaging). This really only applies to UK residents who have made large purchases (more than £75.00), as the costs for sending packets inland does not scale up as rapidly as it does with Airmail. For international buyers, the current shipping charges are accurate.