Z-Man Posts New Lowlands Preview

Running a farm certainly isn’t easy. It could be argued that running a farm along the cost of the North Sea is even tougher. But that’s what you’re tasked with in Lowlands, the upcoming farming game from Z-Man Games. In this preview, we get a deeper look at what it takes to work the land and produce crops, all while making sure your farm stays safe and is improved over time.

From the post:

Running a farm is no easy task. Strategically prioritizing tasks will lead to a succesful farm that is running smoothly. When a new day dawns will you spend time focusing on adding new buildings to your land? Or will you build fences and enclose pastures to house your flock of sheep?

Each player will have their own farmyard to take care of. A small workforce of three farmers can be assigned to the different tasks available for the day’s work. When you assign a farmer to a task, you can resolve that task according to the farmer’s action value (2, 3, or 4). Perhaps today you’re planning to increase your pasture so that tomorrow you can get more sheep. The farmer with the 4 value can be placed on the fence space of your farmyard, allowing you to build multiple fences in preparation for the sheep. You only have the three farmers for tasks, so make your choices strategically.