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Z-Man Games Talks With Original Designers of History of the World

The study of how history changes over time is called Historiography. Yes, history can and very often does change over time. As new evidence and sources come out, and more analysis is done on the subject, things we thought were one way can very much prove to be another. So, as Z-Man interviewed the original creators of History of the World, they talk about how things have changed with the game over time. It's all rather meta, considering the subject of the game. Anyway, check it out.

From the post:

The first edition of History of the World was first released in 1991. Now, with the remastered version of the game set to be released by Z-Man Games in early 2018, we reached out to the original designers to provide insight into the history of History of the World. Join us as the Ragnar Brothers—Steve Kendall, Gary Dicken, and Phil Kendall—discuss the evolution of the game as well as details of the remastered version.