Z-Man Games Taking Pre-Orders for Taj Mahal

India is a land filled with beauty and wonder, along with a rich history. In Taj Mahal, you are sent back to the Mogul Empire as you go see the sights in the countryside along with the Grand Mogul. Of course, as you’re going along, you have to be wary of those that want to influence the Grand Mogul… that’s your job, after all! Be the one that proves you’re the most trusted and you will become the power behind the throne. You can pre-order your copy from Z-Man Games now.

From the announcement:

Travel back to India at the height of the Mogul Empire, and join the Grand Mogul as he tours across the twelve provinces. Compete for the Grand Mogul’s approval, the loyalty of his advisors, and the wealth of the provinces. The court is yours to influence, and the future of India is within your grasp. Pre-order your copy of Taj Mahal from our website or your local retailer!

India has progressed and prospered, but that wealth could collapse at any moment. Instability and unrest plague the courts with petty concerns tearing the people apart. The Grand Mogul desperately seeks new leaders to carry India into a new age. Play your cards right and seize the opportunity to win the Grand Mogul’s favor as he tours across the beautiful provinces of India.

But beware! You aren’t the only one competing to seize power. As you travel with the Grand Mogul to the many beautiful provinces of India, keep an eye on your opponents. Pick your battles carefully and strategically time your withdrawal to claim your influence of particular members of court or save your cards for future confrontations.