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Z-Man Games Previews the Terrain in Fey

The druids are headed to the magical forest in order to perform their ceremonies and rituals. But not everything in the forest as it seems (it is a magical forest, after all) and some spots are better for a ceremony than others. The druids will want to stick to the more blessed areas, and leave the cursed ones far behind. But trying to figure out which is which and successfully navigating through can be tricky. Good thing we get this preview here for Fey from Z-Man Games.

From the post:

The druid journeys through the mountains into a land covered with mushrooms. The edges of his robe catch on a patch of the large fungus as he passes. A chill goes up his spine. This land feels wrong. He hurries to cross and get to the trees in the distance.

While moving across the land of the Fae, druids will enter into terrain that could be blessed or cursed. If a ritual is enacted in blessed terrain the spirits are pleased and additional points will be awarded to that ritual. If the ritual occurs on cursed terrain, it is disrupted and the druids will vanish, rejected by the land and unable to complete the ceremony.