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Z-Man Games Previews Tea & Trade Expansion For Fields of Arle

There are areas of the world that, despite being part of a larger country, are sort of their own, little world. Cut-off from many other people, these regions create their own traditions and ways of life. Such is the case with East Frisia. Nestled along the coast of Germany, these flax farmers sort of just did their own thing. You get to play one of these farmers in Fields of Arle, of which, the new Tea & Trade expansion is coming. It brings the option of a 3rd player, but that's not all. What else is there? That's what Z-Man is showing off in this preview.

From the post:

Throughout it all, however, East Frisians have been able to develop a robust and peculiar culture wholly distinct from other parts of the country. Fields of Arle celebrates the history and culture of this unique region, inviting players to participate in the peaceful pastimes of craftsmanship and agriculture that are pillars of the East Frisian way of life. Set around the year 1800—a time of great change and prosperity in East Frisia—the game allows players to experience four and half years as flax farmers near the small town of Arle. Toiling the land, players must capitalize on every opportunity they can as the summer gives way to winter and their options shift.

The upcoming Tea & Trade expansion broadens the game’s scope to include a third player and incorporates many important aspects of the vibrant East Frisian culture. Today, we take a closer look at dimensions these new elements add as you explore East Frisia and beyond.