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Z-Man Games Previews Solo Mode For Gaia Project

Solo rules for games open up entirely new opportunities for play. Sometimes you want to game, but nobody's around. Having a game that'll still work with just one player means there's always enough to play. In Gaia Project, Z-Man games has created a variant of the rules for solo play. So even if your entire gaming group can't make it, you can get some gaming in. Check them out.

From the post:

New worlds beckon you from deep within the vast reaches of the galaxy. Covered with fiery volcanoes, murky swamps, hard titanium, and all manner of other materials, these planets are capable of forging a diverse array of life forms in their inhospitable climes. As each of these alien species develops the technology to move beyond their home worlds and colonize the galaxy, they’re bound to cross paths.

In Gaia Project , up to four players can take command of these alien factions and compete to develop the most advanced galactic civilization. Along the way, they race to colonize new worlds, unlock new technology, terraform entire planets, and much more. But this is far from the only challenge the game has to offer. Gaia Project also gives you the chance to test your skills against an artificial opponent in solo play. This adversary, known as the Automa, plays by its own rules, mimicking the actions a human might take using a straightforward, easy-to-manage system. In our last preview , we took a look at some of the fourteen alien factions included with the game. Join us today as we break down the challenges you’ll face as you wander the stars on your own.