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Z-Man Games Previews Pandemic Iberia

Having just gotten over being sick the early part of this week, posting a story about a new Pandemic game coming out just seems to book-end the event just fine. Well, this fall, Z-Man Games is coming out with Pandemic Iberia. It's going to be just a one-print-run game, so if you want to save the people of the Iberian peninsula from the ravages of horrible diseases, you'll want to get your order in. Here, Z-Man gives us a look at what new things will be in the game.

As with previous iterations of Pandemic, the idea is to cure the various diseases ravaging the populace. But as this is taking place in the middle of the 19th century, you don't have all your fancy technology that you have with you today. Travel was tougher then, but you can build rail lines to connect cities and get across the peninsula faster. Also, many people don't have access to one of the most important things in making sure you're healthy: clean water. Purifying the water of a region will go a long way to making sure things like cholera aren't an issue. And building hospitals will help you treat the populace.

As a member of the Second Royal Philanthropic Expedition, will you be able to save the people of the Iberian peninsula?