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Z-Man Games Previews New Characters In Agents of Venice Expansion

It's a long way from Italy to China. And both places are pretty big. Marco Polo certainly wasn't alone that whole time. He met with all sorts of people along the way, each one having their own impact on the trip. In the upcoming Agents of Venice expansion for The Voyages of Marco Polo, there are new characters that you'll encounter along your trip. Z-Man Games gives us a look at them in this preview.

From the post:

No one person makes history on their own. Every great leader, inventor, and explorer has had a supporting cast that has helped them become remembered forever. These supporting players may not be as well-remembered, but they still deserve credit for aiding in these great accomplishments.

Marco Polo is one such example. He may be famous for his travels throughout Asia, but in reality, many people helped make these journeys happen. Fittingly, in The Voyages of Marco Polo, Marco is just one of a large and eclectic cast of characters players can control each game. Each of these characters is utterly unique with abilities that let players bend or break the rules of the game in their favor. From Raschid ad-Din Sinan choosing the values on his dice whenever he takes an action to Matteo Polo receiving an extra die and contract at the beginning of each round, these are potent abilities that have become one of the defining features of the game.