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Z-Man Games Previews Essen Spiel Releases

Gen Con tends to be the big show that sees a lot of new releases for gamers here in the States. Essen is much the same thing for those of you gamers who are over in Europe. The show is rapidly approaching, and Z-Man games has posted up what sort of releases they'll have with them at the show.

Starting out, there's A Feast for Odin, a game filled with raiding, pillaging, plunder, and raiding (vikings like raiding). Then there's Carcassonne Amazonas, where you go exploring the famous river and the settlements that dot its shores. In Nautilion, you captain the submarine the Nautilion (seems a fitting name for the game then, doesn't it?) in order to defeat the approaching fleet and keep the Happy Isles... well... happy. Then there's two new games in the Pandemic line: Iberia – Collectors’ Edition and Pandemic: The Cure – Experimental meds. Iberia puts you on the Iberian peninsula fighting against malaria, typhus, cholera, and yellow fever. Meanwhile in Experimental Meds, the first expansion for Pandemic: The Cure, a fifth disease is ravaging the populace. But there's also new medical professionals that can swoop in and help.