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Z-Man Games Posts Race to the New Found Land Preview

The Age of Sail is upon us. Ocean-going ships are making their way across the seas to all corners of the Earth as European nations vie for new colonial interests. Race to the New Found Land from Z-Man Games puts you in control of those nations and those ships. Head out and find new resources and goods to trade for and build up your trading empire. They've posted up a new preview of the game for you to check out.

From the post:

The sailors carefully load the crates into the cargo hold, stacking them on top of each other until the ship is bursting with supplies. The settlers huddle together, trying to stay out of the way of the crew but anxious to see where they are going. New lands and wealth were promised at the end of the journey. The waves crash against the side of the ship as it pushes forward with the wind. A dark line on the horizon slowly gets closer. Soon they will be at the shore of the new land.

Across the sea, new land is waiting to be discovered! Put together the best fleet to beat your competitors and grab glory for your nation in Race to the New Found Land. Pre-order your copy from our website or your local retailer.