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Z-Man Games Posts New Preview of Valletta

For centuries, fortified cities were the best way to protect your population from attack. In Valletta, players will be looking to protect the residents of Malta from an attack by the Ottomans. They'll do this by building up the fortifications around the city. In this preview, Z-Man Games gives us a look at Jean Parisot de Valette's role in the game.

From the preview:

During the summer of 1565, the Ottoman Empire laid siege to the island of Malta in the Mediterranean. Vastly outnumbered, the Knights Hospitaller and local Maltese defenders withstood the siege for nearly four months until a relief force arrived in early September. The victory became one of the defining moments of sixteenth-century European, celebrated across the continent.

Soon after, Jean Parisot de Valette, the Grand Master of the Knights, commissioned the construction of a fortified city on the island to discourage future attacks.

In Valletta, you contribute to this city’s construction, competing to score the most points by gathering resources and constructing buildings. Players have a variety of tools at their disposal to achieve victory. As the game progresses, construction projects earn players new cards with a variety of powers that they may add to their decks as they compete to be the most successful builder.