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Z-Man Games Posts New Pandemic: Rising Tide Preview

Having your country below sea level can possibly cause some issues unless you've got a really good levee, lock, and dam system. Well, the Netherlands is below sea level. And they've got a pretty good system going for them. But what if those systems start to fail? It'll take a lot more than just sticking your finger in a leak to save the country. So that's what you'll be doing in Pandemic: Rising Tide. In this preview, get a look at the different roles you can play in the game.

From the post:

In the Netherlands, a complex system of dikes, canals, dams, and delta works provide much needed flood protection in a country where half of the land is less than a meter above sea level. These marvels of modern engineering actually shorten the Dutch coastline and, in places, create freshwater lakes out of what were once salt water inlets of the North Sea.

Constructing a system as large and complex as this requires a team of individuals with specialized skills. You need engineers to make plans, craftsmen and workers to build and operate the dikes and pumps, and managers to coordinate your efforts. In Pandemic: Rising Tide, you become a member of one such team, striving to modernize the Netherlands’ flood control systems. Like other games in the Pandemic series, you’ll take on a specific role and must use your special abilities to improve your team’s chances.