Z-Man Games Posts New Lowlands Preview

Working the land is a noble profession. Obviously, I’m not the one creating all the food I eat. Others are out there, doing that for me. I’m guessing that most of you aren’t full-time farmers, either. But you can be one, vicariously, in Lowlands. This new game coming from Z-Man Games puts you in charge of your own plot of land along the North Sea. In this preview, learn about how you can increase your yields and payoffs by upgrading the land you work.

From the post:

On the coast of the North Sea, the harsh landscape brings threats of constant flooding but the chance for a rich reward. You must choose how to spend your time and resources. Will you spend your time enhancing your farmyard or will you build up the dike to protect the whole town?

In Lowlands, players will each have control of a farmyard board. Buildings and features can be purchased to customize your farmyard, maximizing profits. But be careful. Focusing too much on your own land could lead to ruin if the dike breaks.