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Z-Man Games Posts New Lowlands Preview

In Lowlands, players will be in control of their own farm along the North Sea coast. It's a rough and rugged land, where the weather can turn instantly. You'll have to work hard to maintain your land. But maintaining isn't going to be good enough. You need to be able to upgrade it and make the land more bountiful. In this preview for the game, we get a look at some of the upgrades and how they work.

From the preview:

The land on the coast of the North Sea is ripe with potential. Customize your farm by strategically selecting the best buildings to construct. Will your farm be strong enough to weather the oncoming storm in Lowlands? Pre-order your copy of Lowlands from our website or your local retailer to find out.

At the beginning of the game, shuffle each stack of the farm expansion tiles separately and lay them out in a grid by the main board. Draw three tiles each from the feature, sheep, and action stacks and place them faceup in the grid. Draw storm surge tiles equal to the number of players plus one. Each of these farm expansion tiles can be purchased during the game to upgrade and customize your farmland.