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Z-Man Games Bringing First Class To English Audience

All aboard!
Z-Man Games is bringing First Class over from Europe. The game involves players looking to create a train that rivals in majesty even the vaunted Orient Express. By adding cars as they go along, they'll look to be the train to be on if you want to be seen.

From the announcement:

Launched in Europe to enthusiastic acclaim in 2016, Helmut Ohley’s First Class is steaming its way to the US. Step into the early days of the twentieth century, a time when rail is the preferred mode of transportation of the elite. Here, luxury lines scramble to accommodate the needs of business tycoons, diplomats, and even royalty. Now you can revisit this period and build your own luxury rail lines from the ground up.

?In First Class, two to four players compete to each guide a pair of train lines from humble beginnings to a status rivaling that of even the fabled Orient Express. As they steam toward Constantinople, they’ll add cars to their trains, upgrade those cars to attract wealthier passengers, and maybe even solve a mystery or two. No matter what you choose, only a true railroad baron will accumulate the most points and win the game.