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Z-Man Games Announces Thunder And Lightning Card Game

It's never easy when siblings fight. You try and raise your kids to know the difference between right and wrong, wanting them to get along and play nice together. But then one goes and steals your crown and creates an army to protect it. Don't you just hate when that happens?
I... guess that sort of thing only happens if you're Odin. But still! That's the story behind Thunder and Lightning, a new card game announced by Z-Man Games.


As I mentioned above, in the game, Loki has stolen Odin's crown. Odin has then entrusted Thor with his ring of power, Draupnir, in order to get it back. Both Thor and Loki have raised armies in order to protect their own artifacts while they seek to steal that belonging to the other. You must fight your way through and steal the precious artifact. But where could your enemy have hidden it? This might be harder than it originally looked.