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Z-Man Games Announces Smile Card Game

A friend of mine lately had their cat escape out the door when they weren't looking. They searched all over, and I'm happy to say that their feline friend has made it home again safe and sound. Using that real-world experience, they would be pretty good at Smile, a new card game coming from Z-Man Games where you're looking to round up escaped critters before nightfall.

Dusk is falling and your critters have escaped their enclosure! You only have a few hours to rescue as many as you can before they cause all sorts of mischief. Fortunately, critters will do anything for a big juicy lightning bug. It’s time to fill your jars with fireflies and head into the forest.
?Z-Man Games is pleased to announce Smile, a card game for three to five players about rounding up the critters worth the most points. Armed with firefly-filled jars, you and your rivals spread out in search of the lost critters, each hoping to lure as many as you can. But be careful not to lure any wild critters by mistake! They look very similar to your tamed ones, but capturing them gives you negative points. Your goal is to be surrounded by a collection of cute little smiling creatures no matter what—just make sure to get the right ones!

Smile will be available soon (no exact date given in the post).