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Z-Man Games Announces Race to the New Found Land Game

The Age of Discovery is on. European nations are setting sail all over the world, looking for new places to claim and colonize. In Race to the New Found Land (as opposed to Race to Newfoundland, which seems less exciting), players take on the role of explorers from one of the European nations, heading across the sea to new lands, planting their flags, and getting the resources therein. Pre-orders for the game are being taken now.

From the announcement:

The wind surges and pushes the boat forward, making the sails billow outward. The waves crash against the side of the boat, spraying the sailors eagerly leaning over the edge. The spot in the distance gets larger. Land ho!

The sailors grab the rowboats and quickly head to the shore. Stepping onto the sand, the sailors marvel at the undiscovered landscape. A flag is driven into the ground, claiming it for their country.

The mightiest nations of western Europe are competing for the riches of this new land. At the beginning of the game, shuffle the player boards and deal them out randomly. Flip the board over to see which country you will be racing for: France, the Netherlands, England, Portugal, or Spain.