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Z-Man Games Announces Race to the New Found Land

It is an age of discovery and colonization as the European nations set sail all around the world. New resources are flowing back to the old country as people are making their way to these new settlements. That's the world you find yourselves in in Z-Man Games' upcoming game, Race to the New Found Land.

From the announcement:

In the age of discovery, sailors risk life and limb to cross the vast and stormy Atlantic ocean in search of new territory. Compete to claim the riches of a new land for your country.

Dare to venture across the shifting seas! Pre-order your copy of Race to the New Found Land from our website or your local retailer.

ail your country’s fleet onward to the new land. Though a quick ship will get you there first, other ships can carry more cargo, settlers, or are better equipped for exploring the new world—you'll want to diversify if you seek true riches. Upgrade your port, enlarging your shipyard and gaining an additional bonus unique to your country. Choose your ships and upgrades strategically to outmaneuver your opponents.