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Z-Man Games Announces NMBR9

I love a good puzzle game. Blokus is one of my top 3 favorite games. But it's looking like Z-Man games is looking to add another to my list. In NMBR9, you are given a set of numbered tiles. Each round, a card is flipped from the deck and you must place the matching tile onto your pile following a specific set of rules. The higher up on the stack a tile is placed, the more points it's worth.

From the announcement:

Z-Man Games is thrilled to announce NMBR 9, a puzzling game of number stacking for one to four players.

In NMBR 9, players score points by creating their own displays of uniquely shaped number tiles. The higher a tile is in the display, the more points it’s worth—and the most points wins! To score big points, you’ll need to plan ahead and place your tiles carefully. Visualize your future moves to reach higher levels and solve this intriguing puzzle.

NMBR9 will be available soon (no specific date is given on the announcement).