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Z-Man Games Announces New Edition of History of the World

Z-Man Games has another updated version of a game they're working on. This time around, it's History of the World. So, in a way, they're rewriting history...
If you've ever wanted to be in charge of a civilization and see it through the dawn of time all the way to the 20th century, conquering all you can as you go along, this is the game for you. It's getting new art, updated components, and a bit of a tune-up.

From the announcement:

The remastered version of History of the World maintains the thrilling gameplay of the original while bringing the game into the modern age with a beautifully illustrated board and gorgeous new components. These elements invite you to write your own history as you take control of new empires and seek to conquer new lands.

Each game of History of the World takes place across five epochs that give you the opportunity to outsmart and outmaneuver your opponents as you vie for control of territories. During each epoch, you’ll marshal your armies and push them towards the edges of the known world. But be careful, as more than one civilization has collapsed due to over extending their military forces. Will you choose to send your armies into unoccupied territories, into the uncertainty of battle with other players, or will you play it safe?

Spreading your troops into new territories will score you points, but you’ll be rewarded even more if you can take sole control of the differently-colored regions on the board. With so many territories up for grabs, the road to dominating regions is paved with conflict. Opposing players will inevitably hold lands you covet and it’s up to you to invade and drive them out.