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Z-Man Games Announces My First Stone Age Card Game

It's the dawn of time... Eh, that's too early. Someone wake me up at the noon of time...
No, wait, I need to get up and make my bed... though I should probably build a hut and get a village going. But to have a village, I need resources. But there's other villages out there that are also trying to grow. I'll need to find the resources first. Maybe that woolly mammoth will help...
That's what you'll be doing in My First Stone Age, a new family-friendly card game coming from Z-Man Games.

From the announcement:

It’s time to go on another prehistoric adventure. Z-Man Games is excited to announce the upcoming release of My First Stone Age — The Card Game!

Following in the footsteps of the 2016 Kinderspiel des Jahres Award winner, My First Stone Age — The Card Game returns kids and families to the dawn of civilization while they join Martin the mammoth and Guff the wolfhound on a quest to build a village. This adventure will take them through a prehistoric valley where they can experience the Stone Age way of life. In the end, they’ll develop many skills as they build a better life for their people.