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Z-Man Games Announces Haleakala Board Game

While I'm generally one for more mild and temperate climates, and am generally someone who avoids the beach, I'd still like to visit Hawaii. It seems like a very fascinating place, full of plenty of adventure, even away from the sand and surf. Well, while I may never actually get to the island chain, I can live vicariously through games like Haleakala, a new worker-placement game coming from Z-Man Games.

In this 2-player game, you take on the role of either Makuakane or his son, Keiki, who are looking to appease the Sun by placing offerings and building totems. However, as we all know, Hawaii is really just one big, active volcanic system. So you'd better beware where you build, or all you've done might be swept away by liquid-hot magma (you read that in a Dr. Evil voice and you know it).

The game is set to be released next month, so stay tuned.