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Z-Man Games Announces Aquarium

When I was a kid, we had an aquarium. It wasn't anything big and fancy. Just your standard one that had some goldfish in it. If I could, though, I'd love to get a really huge one. Maybe even a salt-water tank like some of my friends have. Well, if I can't get a real one, I can still play a game of one. Z-Man games has announced Aquarium, their new bidding game.


In the game, players are trying to collect matching fish in order to get points. Do this by bidding on the fish available at the pet shop. However, the fish available aren't static (as fish often aren't). You can swap out fish, change their prices, or snipe them out from under your opponent's nose. Also, as I remember from my days as a kid, fish don't tend to live forever. So make sure you have enough plants to feed your fish when they get hungry. Otherwise you might be holding too many porcelain funerals.

Expect the game on store shelves this July.