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Z-Man Games Announces Akrotiri Board Game

They say that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. But when it comes to archeological expeditions, having all those other digs so close to yours, looking to take the glory for any discoveries that might totally rewrite the history books isn't exactly that great. The city of Akrotiri has given you some great finds, but now others are looking to shoehorn in on your operation. You must pick up the pace (while still making sure to be careful, of course), if you want to uncover the hidden temples first. That's the story behind Akrotiri, a new board game coming from Z-Man Games.

From the announcement:

Your decision to excavate the ancient city of Akrotiri has borne fruit. The temples you’ve discovered during your expeditions in the Aegean have increased your standing among your peers and made you a person of renown. But they’ve also drawn the attention of some staunch competition. More and more similar expeditions are launching every day, which means resources will be even more scarce and the race to discover temples even more heated. Only the most cunning explorer who shrewdly manages their resources while manipulating the layout of the board in their favor will gain enough fame to claim victory in Akrotiri.