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Z-Clipz: Outbreak, Zombie Kickstarter coming next month

Studio Miniatures will be running a Kickstarter campaign for their Z-Clipz: Outbreak survivor and zombie miniatures. The campaign is set to start in the middle of September. So be on the lookout.



From the announcement:

Three weeks from today (Sunday 14th September) will see the launch of our Kickstarter campaign...Z-Clipz : Outbreak

The initial campaign target will be to release eight new miniatures, these will be four survivors and zombie versions of the same survivors. We have kept the initial target a low as possible to allow us to achieve the target and add Stretch Goal items on to the campaign. The campaign will run for 28 days!

We will be making them available in two pledge levels:

Gamer - white metal versions of the miniatures
Collector - resin versions of the miniatures

Each pledge level will also contain a ninth miniature, this Exclusive miniature will ONLY be available during the campaign and will never be released to the general public. There will also be a third pledge level allowing someone to be immortalised forever as either a zombie or survivor.

If we hit our funding target then we will start to add Stretch Goals, these will include more zombie miniatures, more survivor miniatures, downloadable colour artwork, resin and 3D printed terrain items, flat pack modular buildings, terrain tiles/boards and maybe even another set of multi-part plastic zombies. These Stretch Goals will be a mix of Freebies and Add-Ons.