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Yudoo Terrain, a new minis gaming terrain-making company, releases first pieces

Yudoo Terrain is a new miniatures terrain-making company. They've got their first pieces available now over in their webshop.


From the announcement:

Yudoo Terrain is a new company out of Texas. It has produced specific terrain for "12 to Midnight" and has been given the green light from Reaper Miniatures to use their figures in ads. The basic set features two painted and dry brushed 8"X8" buildings for $50. The difference is that these buildings are made up of pieces that can be moved around and reconfigured from game to game. Yudoo also rewards customers for suggestions and input. Weekly specials allow them to try out new products, often at a steep discount, just to see if there is a demand. If you had a set what would Yudoo?