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Yrisa's Nightmare RPG Adventure On Kickstarter

Having pre-made adventures can really speed up your gaming sessions. Sometimes the DM doesn't have all the resources and time necessary to come up with an adventure whole-cloth or on the fly. And really good DMs will get pre-made adventures and use them as the cloth with which they will create something else. Well, Ysira's Nightmare is a new RPG adventure for Pathfinder and 5e D&D that's up on Kickstarter now.

The adventure is set for 4-5 2nd level characters. You can plan on playing through it in about 2-3 sessions (or one really long one, if you're good for playing 12+ hours at a time). There's everything you need in terms of monsters to fight (including the new Blackclaw Gnoll), as well as the places you'll go (such as the Highhouse Yroden), along with the NPCs that inhabit there. If you don't have your own characters, you can just use the ones that are in the adventure, too.

The campaign's about 1/3 funded and has 27 days left to go.