Your Move Games running Alexander vs Persia card game Kickstarter

Your Move Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for their Alexander vs. Persia: Battleground Historical Warfare strategic card game. They’re already over their goal, so it’s stretch goals for 29 days.



From the campaign:

Alexander vs Persia is the second historical expansion for the award-winning Battleground system. This product include two new factions: Alexander’s army of Macedonian pikemen, cavalry, & Greek allies vs the Persian forces levied from every corner of the empire. Each faction has its own units, unique faction abilities, and a deck of Command Cards.

Alexander vs Persia is fully compatible with all Battleground historical and fantasy armies. Hannibal’s infantry can face Alexander’s Companions to see which is history’s greatest general. Bring the thousand nations of Persia crashing down on Scipio’s legions. Or have Alexander’s army invade the Dwarven homelands and battle the nightmarish Undead hordes.