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Your Move Games launches Battle for Hill 218 and Sector 219 Kickstarter

Your Move Games launched a Kickstarter campaign to update and reprint Hill 218 as well as create its sequel game, Battle for Sector 219.

Hill 218


From the campaign:

For Sector 219 we've commissioned fantastic new art. Each unit type will have two beautiful pieces (one for each army) showing sci-fi/mech units ready for battle. I think the overall art portfolio for Sector 219 is one of the best you'll ever see for a stand-alone $12 game.

If you've already got a copy of Hill 218, maybe it's time to get a new one, or to give a copy to a friend. It's definitely time to pick up the sequel. If you don't have a copy yet, check out the reviews, play the free online version and treat yourself to one of the best, and fastest, two-player tactical games out there. (And buy the sequel, too.)