Your Move Games brings Wuxia to Battleground

Your Move Games is running a Kickstarter campaign to bring the Wuxian Empire to Battleground. They’re a little over halfway to their goal already. Go check it out.



From the campaign:

Help us fund Wuxing, a new Battleground: Fantasy Warfare army inspired by the Terracotta warriors of China. Lead warrior monks, animated Jade dragons and construct troops into battle in the name of the Emperor.

Wuxing is a stand-alone product containing the entire Wuxing army. If you’ve bought some of our older factions we used to have two decks; this set contains both. Wuxing is compatible with all other factions in the Battleground system (fantasy and historical), so you can wage war against Orcs, Lizardmen and Elves or see if a Chinese army could have conquered Rome where Hannibal failed.